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Check out our current e-books on ethical hacking (penetration testing). Currently our  books cover e-mail systems and firewalls, we are in working on more, please check back for updates.

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We have 100's  of security specific news feeds as well as feeds from vendors for vulnerabities and advisories. Search them for news and chatter on whatever interests you.

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Reputation checks for abuse, attackers and more, get details on IP adresses, e-mail addesses, web domains, URLs for phishing activity. Check out our 'quick search tool' too.

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Check out our free tools, reputation checks, news, advisories and more.

The HackerStorm website was originally created for OSVDB and has additional information, including news and alerts feeds conveniently located in one place to help with vulnerability research...  

US Deptartment for Homeland Security. US-CERT.gov

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Check out our guide to indexing penetration testing & vulnerability scan results with Splunk